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Our patent reviews are proving extremely popular with inventors who wish to draft their own provisional patent application using our toolkit. So, time for some more info re this offering:

The process is simple. Inventors prepare their own provisional patent specification (with forms) and send it to us for review by one of our patent attorneys. The review provides high-level feedback (in tracked text). We do not re-write the patent, but guide the inventor through the process, suggesting:

  • wording for the first paragraph of the Summary;
  • other features / methods that should be described in the patent;
  • areas where additional drawings / information / descriptions are required;
  • format changes, as required by law; and
  • wording / paragraphs that should be deleted.

We also ensure that the accompanying forms are properly completed, and provide our thoughts (of questionable value) regarding the patent in general.

The cost of a review is R1,450. And, we will gladly file the application at the Patent Office on your behalf for an additional R600.

2 Comments on "Patent review"

  1. Barry Dunman says:

    Turns out there is more to drafting a patent than initially apparent – in my case professional help was needed. My sincere thanks to Anthony for patiently guiding me through the process, and for being available when help was needed. I recommend Ideanav to anyone contemplating a patent, they are able to bridge between enginnering and marketing, and what is required in a patent.

  2. Johan Kirsten says:

    I would recommend writing your own patent to anyone considering patenting an idea, Especially if it is just an idea and you still need to procure funding to build a prototype, as in my case. The most important thing is to be thorough when writing the first draft. Thankfully Anthony was there to help me with thoughtfull and helpfull commentary, The process worked very well for me.

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